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photomonth east london


international photography festival   oct/nov 2018                                    




photomonth is an international photography festival focused on East London. Founded in 2001 and taking place in October & November the festival aims to demonstrate the diversity of contemporary photography and reach the widest possible audience.


photomonth owes a great deal of its success to the open call for exhibitions giving the opportunity for emerging artists to be appreciated in a variety of interesting and unusual spaces alongside leading internationally renowned photographers in major institutions.


photomonth is committed to the creative development of photography. The exhibitions present work of the highest possible standard, giving exposure to photographers from the world over as well as those that are locally based or come from other parts of the UK. A programme of special events creates interest and participation in photography and includes the photoblock, photo-open, portfolio review, lectures, seminars, discussions, talks by artists, walks and workshops.


Galleries & Venues are invited to participate in this event at some point during October/November 2016. Curators select their own photographers for exhibition or contact Alternative Arts for a list of suggestions that they may contact direct.


Photographers must contact galleries & venues directly to arrange for an exhibition, or create their own space for a show, or exhibit online. Finding a suitable new and interesting venue in East London is equally acceptable. For good examples search the listings on www.photomonth.org  and www.firstthursdays.co.uk


The photomonth brochure lists all participating galleries/venues giving details of each exhibition and featuring a location map. Brochures are widely distributed free of charge all over London and beyond to other cities across the world so that photomonth receives international recognition. Alternative Arts produces the brochure and provides information

on photomonth to the Press and Public.


The photomonth website www.photomonth.org will carry all the latest festival information, features every exhibition and event plus updates, and is linked to photography festivals around the world, reaching a global audience.


Submit entries for photomonth at www.photomonth.org 


photomonth is produced by alternative arts.


For further information contact [email protected]  



Main Image_EmmaJaneSpain Peter Marshall 2010-1124-d0826 V&A Cowboy + girlfriend 1960

© Colin O'Brien_Cowboy + Girlfriend

© Peter Marshall

© Emma Jane Spain