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Celebrating the ‘alternative’ approach to fashion






Alternative Fashion Week has been unlike any other fashion week. Open to everyone and free to the designers to participate, the energy and atmosphere were palpable. Running for a full week with 15 shows a day, attracting audiences of over 10,000 and with a vibrant fashion market of wild and wonderful accessories, this event was a prime example of how imagination and resourcefulness can overcome a mountain of economic obstacles and promote sustainability.


In 1993 Spitalfields was a deserted, run down area with a huge empty market building. Today it is probably the most exciting cultural quarter in London with its markets, art galleries, shops, restaurants and bars attracting millions of visitors every year. Alternative Fashion Week has played its part in regenerating the area, raising its profile to a global audience and promoting hundreds of new designers and new models.


Alternative Fashion Week has established an international reputation with world-wide press coverage. Every year Alternative Arts is overwhelmed by the number of young designers hoping to establish their label contacting us from all over the country, and other parts of the world. We invest in innovation and ideas. This is fashion on the edge, risky, experimental, fashion for the future. It’s not about money or material success but inspiration and ideology, how to have designer fashion in the current financial climate, thrifty & thrilling, offering a world of real opportunities. Alternative Fashion Week provides that vital stepping stone between the graduate shows and the mainstream fashion industry.


Alternative Fashion Week is concerned to raise environmental awareness and actively supports recycling and ethical sourcing. Each year a growing number of collections supports these themes.


Alternative Arts produced the live shows for Alternative Fashion Week for 20 years, now we continue to present fashion as an exciting and original art form on our specially designated website www.alternativefashionweek.co.uk



Alternative Fashion Week can be contacted at Alternative Arts [email protected]



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