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International Photography Festival

1 October - 30 November 2016


Exhibitions & events featuring emerging & established artists in galleries & venues across East London, plus portfolio reviews, lectures, seminars, artists talks, workshops and the photo-open and photoblock. Visit www.photomonth.org for more info and contact info@alternativearts.co.uk


ALTERNATIVE FASHION WEEEK ONLINE www.alternativefashionweek.co.uk  Visit the website for all the latest new collections. Further information from info@alternativearts.co.uk




ALTERNATIVE ARTS champions the arts, investing in new artists and new ideas and creating highly accessible cultural experiences. We direct and produce programmes of diverse arts events including photography, fashion, literature, music, dance, theatre, art exhibitions and festivals. We are also highly experienced consultants. Throughout our history we have successfully helped to regenerate Covent Garden, West Soho, Marylebone High Street and Spitalfields, East London and we continue to be consulted on arts development and urban regeneration.






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